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Bryantsev Mikhail Vasil'evich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of state and law theory and history, Bryansk State University named after academician I. G. Petrovsky (14 Bezhitskaya street, Bryansk, Russia), 

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Background. Poorly studied activities of one of the most significant Jewish population parties («Poalei Zion») in the border region necessitate the study of historical experience of the party and its relationship with the Bolsheviks, that assumed power during the civil war.
Materials and methods. This article is based on materials from Bryansk State Archives and regulations of the Soviet power – decrees, allowing us to investigate the process of evolution of the relationship of the Bolsheviks and other socialist parties.
Results. The study showed that experiencing considerable pressure from poaleizionists the Communists in the field tried every possible way to counteract their penetration to power. Using «administrative resources» the Bolsheviks not only questioned the legitimacy of «Poalei Zion», but simply ignored their demands. Temporary
compromises that sometimes arose in the most difficult times for the Bolsheviks were tactical.
Conclusions. The study of the «Poalei Zion» party activities allows to understand the reasons for the Soviet Russia one-party political system formation, establishment of the «the proletariat dictatorship» in the Civil War. 

Key words

power, party, «Poalei Zion», the Bolsheviks, the Civil War, monopolization of power. 

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